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WTF 10g

WTF 10g
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WTF 10g

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Customer Testimonials
Mad Monkey 10g
For anyone who thinks this isn't a legit site, IT IS!! The products are exceptional, and the shipping is FAST! 3 days from order to door for me, packaged in a priority mail package. (Can we say DISCREET?) I've ordered many times, and never been disappointed. My best advice is to give each product respect. Light the incense once and see how it effects your mood. Some scents are stronger than others, and the smell may overwhelm you if you light it more than 3 times to start until your system gets used to the smell. LESS IS MORE HERE! Some scents are relaxing, others may not fit that bill, it's up to you to decide your own favorite. Kush kind of puts me on edge, while Mad Monkey mellows me. Can't wait to try other scents and see how relaxing they are. Great site, glad to find an online resource for the incense I love! ...»

Jen Port Saint Lucie

Great Service
Very happy with my order and despite some delay because of the weather everything was great. Mad Hatter Strawberry Alice in Wonderland Mad Monkey ...»

K Midland