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Product not found!
Bizarro Bubble Gum 10g
Crazy Monkey 10g
Mad Monkey 10g
WTF 10g
Mind Trip 10g
Customer Testimonials
slowest 4 hours oh my life (waiting for PO to open...)
One again, fantastic delivery. Ordered Monday, it will be waiting for me today (Wednesday) once the Post Office opens at 11. To bad it's only 7AM. Thank you. Hope you're doing some type of super sale for Black Friday... ...»


Crazy Incense GREAT! Shipping USPS horrible.
I've had the best experiences with this company with their products and same-day shipping. I've had horrible experiences with United States parcel service getting the packages to me. Word to the wise, spend the extra few dollars to get it shipped FedEx. ...»

James Charleston