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Bling Bling Monkey 10g
Wicked Witch 3g
Limited Edition Santa 3g
Bizarro Hypnotic 10g
WTF 10g
Red Diesel 10g
Fairly Legal 10g
KMA 8g
Avalanche 10g
Pax Vaporizer by Ploom
Customer Testimonials
Premium Incense
Got another "review our products" email and decided it was time. First, this company is the fastest I have dealt with. No excuses, no rude treatment. The shipping policy is GREAT! We want our scents YESTERDAY, not a week later like some companies. So I decided to quit, or shop, and I came across this site. Second is they have no bogus products that I have tried so far, it's all real and legal. Prices are about what you would expect to pay for a quality product. The new laws 2 years ago really ruined the business, but it's good to see that the new herbal formulas can still deliver, not as strong as the old days, but still a pleasant herbal experience. :?) ...»

Mr Smokem Ifu Gotem Skyline trail

my latest order
I ordered a 10g bag of wtf and was sent a 12g bag of wtf.the order is always there in 2days and I couldn't ask for better service. you guys rock ...»

jeran dun. erie, pa